Founded in 2015 by three partners, born in Castelo de Vide, who gave the first letters of their surname to form the brand. Barrigas, Roque e Nabo - BARONA.

The experience in the production of craft beer together with the avid desire to learn and investigate promoted the next step, professionalizing the business and creating a microbrewery with facilities in Marvão, in the heart of the Alto Alentejo.

All efforts have been made to make Cerveja BARONA the best craft beer in the Alentejo and, at the same time, to achieve national recognition in the reference craft beer market.

The awards received to date are more than a quality seal of BARONA beers, they are the recognition of all the work and dedication that the team has been developing to continue to respond, in a responsible and sustainable way, to the demands of our increasingly demanding consumers.

There remains the challenge of BARONA beer: “Break out of old habits and come take a look at the brewing world that expands beyond the industrial world”.

A new force in the Douro tradition.

Quinta Alta's QALT and Zuccaro wines are the realization of Fernanda Zuccaro's dream, who left Brazil in November 2016 to become a wine producer of Douro wines.

Fernanda, responsible for the company, was not intimidated by the harshness of the Douro. Quite the contrary, she was enchanted and seduced by the strength and magic of a land where only the strong resist.

Quinta Alta harvests and vinifies the grapes of its two properties: Quinta da Longra, in Moura Morta, in Baixo-Corgo overlooking the Marão, where the whites and rosés come from, and Quinta Alta dos Álamos, in Ervedosa do Douro, in Cima-Corgo where red wines are “born”

Soutos da Vila is dedicated to the production and sale of fruit. Located in Sernancelhe (a few kilometers from Viseu), a village known for the high quality of its chestnuts.

The main fruits are chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, strawberries, cherries and blueberries. With about 200 hectares planted, its production is certified according to the GLOBALG.A.P. so that the consumer can extract the true flavor of their products, enjoying the best quality, aroma and freshness, with complete confidence. The marketing of fruits is prepared in modern facilities, equipped with modern equipment for sizing, sterilization (in the case of chestnuts), sorting, packaging and cold storage (as well as transport), and it has implemented a food safety management system in accordance with the NP EN ISO 22000 standard.

The Correia de Sequeira family pioneered rural tourism in the Douro, opening the doors of their Quintas to visitors in 1993. And over the years many visitors from all over the world have returned to live this unique experience with their family .

To welcome travelers from all over the world who visit the family estate in the Douro, the Sequeiras harvest the best of their vineyards and orchards.

Thus are born these attractive Port and Douro wines perfected by Rita Sequeira from a choice of the best and most traditional local grape varieties. But also the purest Virgin Olive Oil from the Douro and even tempting jams made with the juiciest seasonal fruit, refined from old family recipes.

Each Sequeirinha product is a blend of the best of the family's properties, carefully crafted to harmonize with every moment of life. And to bring you the perfect nature of the Douro.

In the Bairrada wine region, known for the excellence of its sparkling wines, the company Quatro Cravos owns two wineries, Adega Cravo and Adega Original, which produce DOC Bairrada and IGP Beira Atlântico wines. The still and sparkling wines produced here will surprise you. Therefore, its quality results from the combination of rich heritage in traditional methods with cutting-edge technology. In 1911, the first wine production was recorded at Adega Cravo. For more than a hundred years, passing from generation to generation, the family maintained the tradition of wine production. The knowledge and family heritage, and the experience of vineyards and wine have lasted until the present. The construction of the Adega Original and the acquisition of land for planting new vineyards, came to solve the limited capacity of the century-old Adega Cravo, which allowed it to gain size and consistency in the production of high quality still and sparkling wines. Adega Original refers to the idea of ​​something new, pure, authentic, modern and genuinely local. The winery's identity centers on the concept of the word origin, which means the beginning, the root of things that exist, the starting point.

This is our proud history!
The Ferraz family has been producing wine for as long as we can remember!
Our farms are our most valuable asset, located in the village of Vale
Flor in Beira Interior and also in the parish of Horta do Douro, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in the heart of the Upper Douro in the centre of Portugal. We have approximately 20 hectares of typically Portuguese grape varieties, the vast majority of which are around half a century old and the rest between 10 and 15 years old...
The region's terroir, average altitudes of 500 to 700 metres, granitic soil and microclimate help produce unique grapes.
We bottled our first wines five years ago. Before that, we built a new winery with the most modern technologies, for an absolute guarantee of quality.
We have an experienced winemaker with us (José Brandão), author of numerous projects in the
in Beira Anterior and one of the principles responsible for the 43.7% growth of this region last year, with a degree from the most prestigious Portuguese University and belonging to the Beira Interior wine region.
We currently have red, white and rosé wines, always with the Beira Interior appellation of origin.

We produce an average of 16,000 litres of red wine, 12,000 litres of white wine and 2,000 litres of rosé wine. We control the manufacture of the wines at every stage of production, so each year the wines are different, but always with guaranteed quality! The main motivation behind this idea was not to forget the hard work of our ancestors, hence our slogan: Wine, Love and Family!

Bild von Teresa Metelo Dias VolteFace

VolteFace tells the story of Teresa Metelo Dias, grown in the vineyards but felt in love with Psychoanalysis, graduating in Psychology and specializing in Psychoanalysis. Early however she (re) found a new passion – the wines – and did not hesitate to ingress in academia again and graduate in Agronomy Engineering: this was, in fact, the first great Volte-Face of her life.

She then began her professional career in the world of wines, directing the already 300ha family-owned wine company until it was sold in 2012: the second great Volte-Face she lived. So, with no vines, no winery, no land, and nothing to loose, she decided: “let’s do something really loudly”. She decided to start her own bold wine project in 2013.

There was no doubt about the brand name: VolteFace. The masked bottle came to mind and it was hold like a baby, raised like a Queen and delivered to the world like the sun, delighting the bolder and obfuscating the others. The polemic packaging that everyone knows was created. In 2015 she acquired a 70ha property in Valverde, Évora, Alentejo, planting 5 ha of vineyards of the following grape varieties: Alicante Bouschet (3ha), Syrah (0,5ha), Petit Verdot (0,5ha), Antão Vaz (0,75ha) and Arinto (0,25ha). Alongside the irreverence of the packaging, she bets in the traditional and typical grape varieties of the region, namely the Alicante Bouschet for the reds and Antão Vaz for the whites.

The company's strategy is the exclusive bottling of high-end brands, with mainly autochthonous grapes of superior quality, distinguished by the sophisticated, glamorous and irreverent image of the packaging.